Cleaning Services

Vili House Cleaning aim to deliver professional Cleaning Services at the most affordable cost. Furthermore, most of our works comes from repetitive clients and recommendations from other customers. Also the number of recommendations that we receive are proven record of our professionalism and reliability. With that said, all of our new customers can rest assured that your cleaning services will be carried with attention to the very last detail.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Service Every now and then, each home require deep cleaning service. However we know for fact that it is the one thing that most of the house owners, never have time to do themselves. This why, the most appropriate option is to get in touch with Reliable Cleaning Company, that can carry this [...]

Appliance Cleaning

Appliance Cleaning To begin with, our Company offers Appliance Cleaning Service second to none. It is important to realize that your hobs, oven, fridge and microwave can look like brand new again. All you need to do is to get professional attention and reliable appliance cleaning service. Moreover, this service is included as standard to [...]

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Vili House Cleaning Ltd offers professional window cleaning service, for our domestic and commercial clients. This professional service is included in our packages for Complete Cleaning, or as stand alone service. Professional Window Cleaning in your area Important to understand is that streak-free and clear windows is what every house hold needs. However [...]

Washing Curtains

Washing Curtains Although there are number of ways you can wash your curtains, including hand washing, dry cleaning, etc, there is much quicker and easier way of doing it. Vili House Cleaning will clean and refresh your curtains in no time, as all will be done in professional manner, while your curtains are hang. This [...]

After Build Cleaning

After Build Cleaning After Build Cleaning is one of the professional services that Vili House Cleaning specialises in. Moreover, our complete cleaning solution is tailored to the needs of all domestic and commercial clients. Professional After Build Cleaning in your area If you've just completed your new build or home renovation, one thing is certain - [...]

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Important to remember is that our Company offers professional Carpet Cleaning service for private homes, commercial offices, hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, we Vili House Cleaning understand the needs of our customers and we always aim meet their expectations, when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. Professional Window Cleaning in your area In addition, [...]

Pre / End Tenancy Cleaning

Pre End of Tenancy Cleaning To begin with, Vili House Cleaning is professional cleaning company specialising in end of tenancy cleaning service. Moreover, our complete cleaning solution is tailored to the needs of every tenant, landlord and agency. Professional Pre / End of Tenancy Cleaning in your area Important to remember is that, if you [...]

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Quality Cleaning Services

Important point for every service is the quality. Apart of our friendly team of cleaners, as well as quality of the cleaning materials, is the quality of the actual cleaning service. Vili House Cleaning Ltd is small family run business, which build its reputation, due to the high quality and professionalism in all of our services. In fact our customers often refer to us as “Best Cleaning Company” & “High Quality Cleaners“. Nevertheless, we never compromise on our reliability too.

Professional Cleaning Services

Vili House Cleaning Offers Professional Cleaning Service on demand. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. our team of professional cleaners are at your disposal for any cleaning services, including:

Home & Office Cleaning

  • One Off Cleaning
  • Hourly Cleaning
  • Fortnightly Cleaning
  • Scheduled Cleaning

Professional Cleaning

  • Carpet & Upholstery
  • Washing Curtains
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Window Cleaning (inside only)

For Landlords & Tenants

  • Pre Tenancy Cleaning
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • After Build Cleaning
  • After Renovation Cleaning

Appliance Cleaning

  • Fridge & Freezer
  • Ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwave

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Best Cleaning Services in London

Indeed most of the people struggle to keep their home always clean and tidy. This why a Reliable Cleaning Company is always handy. Important to remember is that when you hire a cleaner for your home, you are saving yourself time to be with your loved ones. We all know that the time is the most important thing in our lives. When saving yourself time, you can spend it in doing your favourite activities and hobbies, for which there, the time is usually never enough. With that said, in order to keep your time for yourself, getting professional assistance from reliable cleaning company is the first step in the right direction. In other words, you are only a phone call away from getting in touch with one of the most recommended Cleaning Companies in London. Do not hesitate, Contact Vili House Cleaning Today.

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